Muhanga, 24 July 2010

President Kagame on Saturday pledged to an enthusiastic crowd at Muhanga Stadium that delivering on promises made to Rwanda, RPF would multiply achievements manifold given a new mandate. President Kagame lauded Muhanga residents for leading in many aspects of development including infrastructure and ICT and said that they held the key to future achievements that called for transforming words into deeds, and for moving the country forward with the good politics of the RPF.

Women groups gathered at the stadium punctuated President Kagame’s speech with energetic refrains of thanking the RPF for promoting democracy, development, justice as well as the popular and successful government programs of Girinka (one cow per family), Ubudehe (community support for poverty production) and mutuelles de santé (community health insurance).

President Kagame told Muhanga residents that they shared the same politics as the RPF –  that of patriotism and seeking solutions to challenges.

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