Kigali, 31 August 2014

President Kagame today chaired RPF congress bringing together over two thousand RPF members. President Kagame began by warning RPF members against any sense of entitlement:

“Anything you may have sacrificed and all the hard work was also for your benefit. We cannot go around thinking we are heroes. No one owes you anything. You cannot go around asking to be paid for your sacrifice. We cannot live in the past. Don’t tell me about your excellent past when you are not telling me about your excellent present or future. ”

Speaking on the challenges Rwanda continues to face, President Kagame pointed to resilience as key to who RPF has been and will always be:

“Those who think the struggle is over are wrong. The struggle continues every day. But if the RPF did not perish in 1990, in 1994 or after, it will not perish now. RPF may have been beaten but our wounds always heal and we will remain standing.”


President Kagame added that Rwanda owes its progress to the trust citizens have placed in the RPF and the possibility of a better tomorrow:

“We have made progress because Rwandans have placed their trust in us and because today people know that a brighter future is possible. The most important right is the right to live. RPF has given Rwandans back their right to live, the right to be. This right cannot stop at the past, we must uphold this right in the present and the future.”