Kamonyi, 26 August 2013

President Kagame has said that the Rwanda Patriotic Front works for the amelioration of the wellbeing of all Rwandans and champions hard work and self belief. President Kagame said this while officially kicking off the party’s legislative election campaigns in Kamonyi District, Southern Province today.

President Kagame urged Rwandans to turn up in big numbers to vote during the upcoming legislative elections to choose candidates who would represent them and serve their interests best. He said that every Rwandan has a stake in the development of his or her country and Rwandans have the responsibility to work together for the common goal of development.


“RPF has never expected to achieve without working hard, we have always and will continue to work hard to achieve our goals. We pledge development, electricity and water for all, continuous improvement to health care and education. We are determined to serve every Rwandan equally and work together to develop our nation.”

President Kagame pointed out that RPF is reputed as a party that only employs words when it comes to explaining its actions, which is the reason it always delivers on its promises.

During the official RPF legislative elections campaign kick-off by President Kagame, four other parties; PDI, PPC, PDC and PSR declared their support to RPF during the legislative elections, in the spirit of consensual democracy. There were also moving testimonies from a representative of women and youth, who testified about how they have overcome many challenges in their past to succeed in life, due to favourable conditions prevailing under RPF.