Kigali, 5 May 2012

President Kagame called on RPF leaders to place the common good of Rwandans first. In his opening address at the RPF Political Bureau held Saturday at the Amahoro Basketball Stadium, President Kagame said that the RPF was very clear about what needs to be done in order to get Rwanda where it needs to be, and that this would only be achieved through planning and proper implementation, as opposed to good luck.

President Kagame told those present that they had been entrusted to make important decisions on behalf of the many more that were not part of the party’s leadership and they therefore had the responsibility to bring other Rwandans on board:

“We all work for Rwanda, but we cannot progress rapidly or do all we want to do if only a few of us are involved. This meeting is therefore not only about educating ourselves but also mobilising more people to join the effort. The number of those working for the common good has to keep increasing.”

President Kagame emphasized the importance of good work ethic in putting in action and getting required results from the many plans that exist, noting that even when solutions were agreed in theory, the challenge was in the implementation.

The RPF Political Bureau discussed the justice sector and plans of upcoming 25th anniversary of the foundation of the party which will be marked in December 2012.