Gisagara, 28 July 2010

At the RPF campaign rally in Gisagara, Daphrose Mukarutamu, a resident of the district, summed up what many expressed through joyous songs of support: “We woke up early this morning to come here today to make sure that you know, Mr. President, that you have our undeniable support.”
In her testimony, Daphrose explained that after losing eight of her ten children in the 1994 Genocide, she had lost the will to live. Today, with the RPF policy of women empowerment, Daphrose is running a multimillion Rwandan francs business with Duhozanye – an association of widows and orphans which now has over 4000 members. She is a living example of the RPF and President Kagame’s belief in every Rwandan’s capability to lift themselves out of poverty.

President Kagame followed Daphrose’s testimony by asking the crowd to show the world that Rwandans not only know what they want but also how to get there. Comparing those who promoted the bad politics that kept Rwanda at a social and economic standstill to drunk drivers who regardless of the conditions cannot see clearly, President Kagame asked the crowd “can YOU see RPF’s clear vision for Rwanda’s future?”
President Kagame added that voting for RPF means choosing a government that will continue to work hard for Rwandans to live in peace, receive 12 years of free education and move beyond subsistence agriculture to modern farming where each Rwandan farmer will not only be able to feed their family but have enough to export.
As expressed in the third testimony, the accomplishments of President Kagame speak for themselves: “all Rwandans can now stand tall and proud of who they are and know that they no longer need to beg the international community for a living” Echoing President Kagame’s  words “you do not change the coach of a winning team” . The crowd of eighty thousand assured President Kagame that his leadership is one they continue beyond 2010.

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