Today the campaign rally continues in the Western Province where Chairman Paul Kagame campaigned in Mashyuza and Gihundwe in Rusizi district.

At the Mashyuza site, Sakina Uwimana is one of the residents who gave a testimony about how her life conditions sensibly  improved under RPF leadership. Through rice farming, Uwimana has now built a 33-room guest house and her own residential house valued at 21 million FRW. ”  We used to be told cultivation was the only profession & the rest was a gamble. Today RPF values all forms of labour.” Uwimana added. She is part of a rice production cooperative in Bugarama.

Addressing the crowd gathered at the site, Chairman Kagame said:”Since RPF started to lead our country, every Rwandan is a citizen with full rights; we don’t discriminate. The last 23 years have been a journey to build the Rwanda we want. We believe in including every Rwandan, men and women, in the rebuilding of our country. When you cast your vote on 4th August, you will be choosing unity, development and prosperity for all. ” He further added: ” We will develop tourism in this area of Mashyuza to benefit all residents. We want every Rwandan to have access to electricity. We don’t do anything to please anybody: we do what we do for our own benefit, we deserve the best.”

Next stop on the campaign rally of the day was the site of Gihundwe where Chairman Kagame was welcomed by thousands of RPF supporters. Addressing the crowd he said:” Thank you for coming in big numbers to show support to RPF. We are here to talk about 4th August: On 4th August we will vote for democracy, prosperity and unity. We have democracy, we have good governance: with these we will achieve even more. We want every Rwandan to benefit from our development; RPF doesn’t leave anyone behind. ”

Rusizi being on the border with R.D. Congo and Burundi, Chairman Kagame encourage the residents  to keep good relations with their fellow African neighbours of: ” You should always strive to build win-win relations with our neighbouring countries. We are building a strong and resilient country capable of facing today’s global challenges. ”

The people of Rusizi have seen considerable development in different sectors over the last few years. With a population of around 430,000 the district now boast of twelve new agro processing industries in the agricultural sector and as for education, the region counts one University, 15 boarding schools and 93 nursery schools. In terms of health, the District has 2 district hospitals, 18 health centres and 20 health posts, all constructed in the last seven years.