Lake Forest, California, 14 April 2019

I want to once again say I hope you are all in good health. Before we begin, I would like to take a moment to thank you for this time together today.

Rwanda’s relationship with Saddleback is very special. That begins with Pastor Rick and Kay. We treasure their long and whole-hearted friendship, the kind that endures and multiplies over time.

Rick, we know that you are always praying for Rwanda. Please don’t forget, that we are also praying for you.

Rwanda’s close bond extends to the entire Saddleback community. For almost 15 years, we have been working together through the P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Hundreds of you have visited Rwanda and contributed directly to healing and re-building.

You have touched our lives, and we hope that the encounter with our country has changed yours, as well. Thank you for all that you do.

I am happy to see many members of the Rwandan community here today.

For Saddleback to join with us during Kwibuka, our season of mourning, is especially meaningful. The memory of the tragedy that overwhelmed Rwanda 25 years ago is always with us.

As we discussed earlier during the church service, reconciliation and forgiveness are the cornerstone of Rwanda’s rebirth.

As Rwandans, we choose to live in the light of unity. Unity has been our salvation.

We work hard every day to make life better for all our people and play a positive role in the wider world. Providing quality medical care and education — being part of that. Encouraging entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Investing in young people, who make up three-quarters of our population.

We expect accountability, virtue, and trust from our leaders, our public services, and from each other.

The road is still long, but we have faith in the future. And we greatly appreciate the friends and supporters who travel together with us on the journey.

On this note, I will once again say thank you for this moment of fellowship. I am looking forward to our further conversation. I think Pastor Warren has a lot prepared from you, for me.