Dar es Salaam, 1 July 2016

I wish to start by thanking my brother, President Magufuli, for his invitation. Tunafurahia sana na mapokezi na ukarimu wa Serikali, na wananchi wa Tanzania. Asanteni sana.

It is a pleasure to join you for the opening of the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

I congratulate the Tanzania Trade Development Authority and the record number of exhibitors participating this year, including more than 15 Rwandan companies.

This confirms what we already know: Tanzanians are eager to do business and are working hard to develop their country and our region. Rwandans share this commitment. Our visit here is an occasion to learn how we can do more business together and take our countries forward.

Tanzania and Rwanda are bound by more than history and the border we share. We also have a common purpose and future as members of the East African Community and the Central Corridor.

The people of our region have the drive and dynamism, and they can only benefit from the vast opportunities, that come with faster and deeper integration.

In April, I had the privilege, together with President Magufuli, to inaugurate the new Rusumo Bridge and One Stop Border Post that serves our two countries. This is just one indication of how much more we can do together, to serve the citizens of East Africans.

Increased trade and investment depends on closer cooperation, improved infrastructure to connect people and markets, access to the latest technologies, as well as the removal of unnecessary barriers to commerce.

These are major challenges that we continue to deal with. But much more importantly, they represent new opportunities. The businesspeople gathered here today should be among the first to seize them.

In working closely together as a region, we send a signal that East Africa is open and ready for business. We seek to attract both investment from elsewhere in Africa, which is currently the fastest growing source, as well as capital from elsewhere around the world.

So let us work harder to strengthen the partnership between government and the private sector, and challenge each other to maximise the benefits for our people.

As neighbours, what happens in one country inevitably affects the other. We therefore have to be concerned about one another.

Hari halisi ya Uhusiano wa dhati kati ya Tanzania na Rwanda, utaleta utangamano na maisha mema kwa wananchi wetu, na utachangia pia kuleta matumaini katika eneo letu la Afrika.

Kwakumaliza, naomba niseme nimefurahi sana kuwa hapa kwenye Uwanja wa Saba Saba, kushuhudia Watanzania wakiwa kazini.

Hapa ni kazi tu!

Mmebalikiwa kuwa na nchi nzuri, yenye raslimali nyingi, nahasa Watanzania wengi, wenye vipaji vinavyoweza kulinufaisha taifa kuwa na utajiri mwingi, na nguvu zaidi.

I now have the honour to declare the 40th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair, officially open.

I thank you.