Good morning.

I am very pleased to join you today, to launch the Kigali Logistics Platform, which has been unfolding for a couple of years, after the introduction of the idea by Sultan to our government. We are very happy to see that it has materialised.

So we indeed are happy to be associated with DP World, and to partner in the establishment of this modern inland port, which is already improving trade and reducing costs for our country.

Following my tour, I must say I was impressed by the operations here. This is a high-tech operation that offers real-time cargo tracking to customers.

I congratulate you on successfully completing the test phase, which has already demonstrated significant reductions in truck turn-around time.

Rwanda is a member of the East African Community, the Economic Community of Central African States, and COMESA.

The future of trade and integration on our continent is the African Continental Free Trade Area, which is already in force. Trading will commence in July next year.

But trade agreements and economic policies won’t have much impact, without actual infrastructure.

With the launch of this facility, Rwanda is doing its part to connect with the larger market of more than 1.2 billion consumers in Africa, and beyond.

The Kigali Logistics Platform is really getting up and running, at a pivotal moment in our continent’s economic transformation.

Therefore, we want to challenge our businesspeople and investors, starting with the industries located in this neighbourhood, and from the region and beyond, to make full use of this facility.

There is no excuse not to pursue the vast opportunities available to us.

I wish to conclude by commending DP World for their support to the development of Rwanda’s workforce, through your internship program and other community activities.

The presence of the Kigali Logistics Platform is already making a difference to the community around here, known as Masaka.

As government, we are encouraged to see this platform operating successfully.

We are more motivated than ever to continuously enhance our policies and regulations, to maintain a conducive business environment, and adapt as needed to innovation.

As we look forward to the completion of the next phases of this facility, I want to assure you of our continued support to make the Kigali Logistics Platform an exemplary service provider in this part of our world.

Once again, I congratulate you, and wish every success to this valuable endeavour, and partnership between DP World, our government and the people, as well as the investors and businesspeople.

Thank you for your attention.