Kigali, 14 January 2019

Good afternoon.

It is a great pleasure to welcome my brother, His Excellency, President Obiang, and his delegation, back to Rwanda.

Rwanda and Equatorial Guinea enjoy good bilateral relations and a warm friendship, and this visit serves to strengthen the ties we share.

The President and I, have discussed bilateral issues, as well as regional and global matters of mutual interest.

We look forward to cooperating with Equatorial Guinea in the sectors that have been identified, for the benefit of our citizens, as reflected in the agreements signed today.

We are also committed to working together to advance the key objectives of our continent.

I commend Equatorial Guinea for its critical role representing Africa on the United Nations Security Council, alongside Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa.

I also wish to note, with appreciation, the consistent support that Equatorial Guinea has given to the African Union reform process, as well as its signing of the Continental Free Trade Area and the Free Movement of Persons.

Mr President, as you know, Rwanda offers visa on arrival. We hope tourists and businesspeople from Equatorial Guinea will take advantage of this facility to visit as frequently as they wish.

Once again, I wish to welcome our honoured guests to Rwanda and ask that you feel at home.

Mr President, I now invite you to make your remarks. Thank you.