Kigali, 22nd July 2011

This morning at Gako Military Camp, morale was high as over 300 students of Itorero Indangamirwa awaited their teacher of the day-President Kagame. It was amidst songs of rebuilding Rwanda- Tuzarwubaka-that President Kagame entered a room filled with Rwandan Diaspora youth from over seventeen countries.

President Kagame was welcomed by Deborah Uwamahoro, an Indangamirwa member who thanked the President for “leading by example and showing the youth what “kwihesha” agaciro really means.

Introducing President Kagame, Minister of Education, Habumuremyi Pierre reminded the students that they are fortunate to live in a country that knows and upholds its value.

President Kagame began by thanking Indangamirwa for their willingness to attend Itorero which he defined as an education based on Rwandan values. He emphasized to the students that Rwanda does indeed see its future through its youth, adding that an education based on values will be key to becoming today and tomorrow’s leaders.

Noting that every individual has a choice when it comes to their path in life, President Kagame urged all the students to seize all opportunities and waste no time. Speaking frankly of Rwanda’s challenges, President Kagame reminded the students of their individual responsibility to rebuild Rwanda: “we are in a situation where while others walk, we must run to acquire things that we deserve to have but do not yet have…we must build our capacity, acquire knowledge to achieve our ambition to succeed and to be better every day, every week, every month, every year.”

Sharing his personal experience, President Kagame told the students “I have moved across many borders in search of my identity, now that I have finally found it, I cannot lose it again…you must fight for your identity and draw lessons before it is too late…before you are part of a system that sees you as a secondary human being.” “That is not where Rwanda or Africa belongs,” he added.

Ending his address with “I humbly ask you to make choices that fulfill your full potential,” President Kagame continued the conversation with students through a Q&A period during which he responded to their questions and comments. The three hour Q&A session ended with President Kagame urging all students to join Twitter, where many know now he will continue to personally engage the youth.

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