Nyamagabe, 19 February 2013

President Kagame began a two day tour in the Southern Province in the district of Nyamagabe. With a history of famine and poverty, Nyamagabe has distinguished itself by achieving food security and lifting a large number of its population from poverty.

“The progress in Nyamagabe shows how far we have come, it is proof that nothing is impossible and that the best is yet to come,” President Kagame told Nyamagabe residents.

“We must continue working hard to achieve even more and to live in dignity. You each have the ability and the responsibility to improve your own life and be part of transforming your nation,” President Kagame added.

President Kagame was addressing thousands of residents who braved the rain to welcome him to their district. Sharing his story of progress, one of the residents of Nyamagabe Elias Uzabakiriho told President Kagame of the hard work that allowed him to change his life.

“I used to farm land for others. Today I went from owning 1ha to 30ha. I own multiple homes and provide employment for hundreds in my area,” Elias Uzabakiriho.

President Kagame ended the day with a visit to the Mushubi Tea Factory and a tour of the mini-expo organized by residents to showcase produce ranging from award winning tea and coffee to locally made leather shoes.

The Mushubi Tea Factory was largely funded by an investment group of Nyamagabe residents seeking to spur economic development in their region. The Multisectoral Investment Group invested $8 million in building one of the first major economic enterprise.

President Kagame will end his Southern Province tour with stops in Nyaruguru district where he is scheduled to meet with thousands residents.