Mr President, we are honoured to have you here during this visit. As has been said, the good relationship between our two countries speaks for itself, and will continue to do so through action and results based on what has also been stated to us that is going on over the last weeks and months, and looking forward to good results.

We are pleased that you visited us at this time. You found time despite many things you are dealing with. And we are very happy to be presented with an opportunity to honour you, Mr President, for the reasons that have already been stated – not only matters to do with our bilateral relations and the closeness of our two countries, but also the engagement and your efforts across our continent for peace, stability, and prosperity of the people of this continent.

We want to see more interactions beginning with our two countries, but we want to see our two countries thrive and interact more with the people of our continent. We already have progress in the area of the African Continental Free Trade Area. We want to make that work. We want Rwanda and Congo to be in the lead of making this progress work for our continent.

I would not go through the details of projects again that have already been mentioned, but these were just stated for us to make sure that our collaborators work more closely together and put more energy into it, and we see accelerated progress that we desire to have.

Let me therefore welcome you once again Mr President and assure you that this is a moment we have cherished and we will build on it going forward. We wish to see you more, you I mean you President, but also the people of Congo. We should both – people in Congo and Rwanda – when they are visiting each other they should feel at home.

Once again, all the best to you and best wishes through you to the people of Congo. Thank you very much.