Kigali, 24 April 2013

President Kagame today received President Museveni after he delivered the State of the Community Address at the East African Legislative Assembly. President Museveni is the current Chairperson of the Summit of the EAC Heads of State.

The State of EAC Address is delivered once a year by the Chairperson of the Summit of EAC Heads of State.   The address espouses on matters of policy and sets momentum and impetus for the integration process.

In the State of the Community Address, President Museveni pointed out that historically, Africa has been strong in all but political organization,  as Africans confined themselves to clans, tribes, instead of leveraging similarities, which resulted in colonisation and missing out on having a bigger voice globally.


President Museveni urged East Africa to focus on private sector led growth in order to overcome key challenges that include underdeveloped human resource, small fractured markets, low-level industrialisation, poor service, corruption and lack of democracy. He also advised the region to get rid of lethargy in implementation of urgent development tasks like bureaucratic delays in generating energy that is so badly needed.

President Museveni concluded on an encouraging note saying that the sky is the limit for the East African Community now that East Africans know what the bottlenecks are.