Kigali, 6 April 2011

At the conclusion of their meeting chaired by President Kagame, PAC members today renewed their commitment to drive Rwanda’s socioeconomic growth, focusing on strategic infrastructure investment projects and vocational education.

Speaking to the press, Kaia Miller, a member of the council said;

“We have a lot of people here who are going to need jobs and since taking everyone to college is not going to be feasible, technical vocational education should be the way forward as it will create opportunities and serve a demand that many countries have for specific trade skills. There is already a program in progress but there is need to keep moving forward with this and doing it with a little bit of urgency”.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, John Rwangombwa said that the meeting focused on two key strategic issues which have been identified as the incubators of national development;

“During the three days of our meeting we looked at how we can go beyond the aim of completing the big projects and discussed how to ensure that the projects are beneficial to the Rwandan population when they are completed. We also talked about bringing in strategic investors to work with us on the projects that are already underway so that the progress can be much faster”.

On the second day of their meeting, PAC members visited some of the ongoing major projects including the national carrier Rwandair, Rwanda Convention Centre, the Special Economic Zone and various vocational schools, in order to see firsthand ongoing progress in these areas.