Oyo, February 17, 2013

President Kagame visit to President Sassou Nguesso’s hometown of Oyo marked his third visit to the Republic of Congo since 2004. This visit takes place only two months following President Sassou Nguesso visit to Rwanda during which the two heads of state discussed bilateral and regional issues including the crisis in DRC and the need to continue supporting the ongoing regional peace process.

Bilateral relations between Rwanda and the Republic of Congo have grown in recent years and now include economic and trade partnerships of Rwandan and Congolese businesses facilitated by twice weekly flights of the national carrier Rwandair between Kigali and Brazzaville:


“This visit builds on a good relationship. We have good relationships with my brother President Sassou Nguesso and Rwanda has a good relationship with Congo,” President Kagame said.

On the issue of peace and security, President Kagame told the press:

“Peace alone does not lead to development, in peace you have to have policies that help deliver that development. We are talking about creating an environment of security and peace that can lead to prosperity for the people of Africa.”

The two day visit included private talks between the two heads of state, a tour of President Sassou N’Guesso’s farm and a visit to the President’s family cemetery where President Kagame paid his respect to President Sassou Nguesso late daughter Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba.The visit ended with a lunch at the President’s private club in Ngolodoua.