Kigali, 7 February 2017

President Kagame today toured the Special Economic Zone where he visited four factories manufacturing different products within the ‘Made in Rwanda’ framework. Following the visit, president Kagame met and interacted with more than 3000 Gasabo District local leaders at Petit Stade in Remera.

The local leaders included Village Executive Committee Members, Council Bureau of the Cell, Cell Executive Secretaries and Social Economic Development Officers, Council Bureau of the Sector and Sector Executive Secretaries, District Council and Executive Committee Members. In attendance were also representatives of Women, Youth, and People with Disabilities, Private Sector Committee Members at Sector and District levels and Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) in addition to opinion leaders.


While addressing business people with operations within the Special Economic Zone at the conclusion of the tour, President Kagame said that it was not acceptable that Rwandans import low quality goods when they have the ability to produce high quality products at low prices in Rwanda.

“We have to ensure that the investments made here benefit the investors, but most importantly it must benefit Rwandans.This is an opportunity to be part of the global value chain but we should also satisfy our own market.”

During his meeting with Gasabo District local leaders, President Kagame touched on various issues concerning service delivery, governance, security, development and self reliance among other things.

“The most important is for each of you to believe that you have what it takes within you to transform this nation. The challenges we face should pressure you to work harder and make policies like made in Rwanda a reality. The challenges we face should pressure you to work harder. Building our nation is the continued fight to change our mindset and believe we are the only ones who can transform our country.”

Calling on the local leaders to shun corruption manifesting in any image, President Kagame warned that maintaining silence in the face of corruption has consequences, adding that not being corrupt was not enough because one must speak against the practice.

“All of you should stand up against corruption. You cannot stay silent and expect others to hold the corrupt involved accountable. Do not treat public resources as your own. Do not use them to help yourself instead of the citizens you serve.”

On security, President Kagame observed that the achievements registered by Rwandans would not be sustainable in the absence of security.

“The security we have achieved today is knowing that no one will take the result of your hard work away from you. Security we have achieved today is knowing that no one will threaten your life because of who you are.”

On enhancement of Agriculture, President Kagame asked local leaders to not be limited by the changes in weather. He said it was not within their means to determine when rainfall would be enough for Agriculture, but that it was within their abilities to use irrigation to mitigate the effects of low rainfall.