Nyanza, 11 September 2015

President Kagame today kicked off his visit to Nyanza District with a tour of Nyanza Hillside Irrigation Scheme in Rwabicuma Sector. Completed in September 2014, the Nyanza dam and irrigation system has a capacity area of 301hectares providing water for irrigation to three sectors of Nyanza District, Rwabicuma, Nyagisozi, and Cyabakamyi.

President Kagame then met and interacted with thousands of residents at Nyanza Stadium. In his address, President Kagame reminded them that it was only through hard work that the country will be able to attain development and solve any underlying issues;

“Our goal is to lift our country out of poverty and to achieve prosperity. Rwanda and a big part of Africa have been left behind in the last century. It is our responsibility to catch up to the rest of the world and go even further. Our achievements in the last twenty years have shown that with determination and the right mindset, it is possible to transform our nation and change lives. Our progress to date is a result of your hard work. No amount of charity can lead to progress unless it builds on your own work.”

President Kagame concluded his remarks with a message to the youth;

“You are the future. You have the opportunity to shape your future and the Rwanda of tomorrow. Number of youth in Rwanda is an opportunity not a challenge. We must invest in giving youth opportunities.”