Nyamasheke, 29 June 2015

President Kagame today, as part of his two-day visit in the Western Province met and interacted with residents of Nyamasheke District.

Acknowledging the progress in the District, President Kagame noted that the reason was mainly because Rwandans are no longer defined by ignorance and fear.

“Rwandans no longer follow blindly those who tell them to harm their neighbors.  They no longer believe that people thousands of Kilometers away know better what Rwandans need. Rwandans have ceased to follow their leaders blindly. They begin by asking why they should follow.”

President Kagame said that the progress the country is experiencing is attributed to the people, who have decided to unite and maintain security; two attributes which he said are the foundation of development.

Our unity and security are the foundation of all that we do. But they are not enough. We must build on this foundation. You must add hard work needed to ensure a better life for every Rwandan. Our unity must remain our priority. We are Rwandans before anything else. We are one. We want a Rwanda that is prosperous and a people with a good standard of life.”

In conclusion, President Kagame encouraged Nyamasheke District residents to strive for more because Rwandans cannot afford to drag their feet on the road to development.

In a meeting later in the evening with Western Province opinion leaders, President Kagame emphasized on good governance, which he said is what sets aside Rwanda from other countries.

“We have a responsibility to serve all citizens equally in order to transform this country as fast as we can. Our citizens may not have equal abilities but they must be given equal access to opportunities. No country can thrive when it accepts and perpetuates any kind of discrimination. We must draw lessons from our history of division; from the violence erupting across the world resulting from discrimination”

President Kagame reiterated that unity and security are the foundation of development and progress, because everything else thrives on the two.

“There is no truth in a religion that preaches division, division is human not divine. God created us to be prosperous, not by stealing from your neighbor but by working for it. Our national interest is not about teaching anyone else lessons, it is about ensuring every citizen feels safe in their home.Every country in the world has had their own wars. From their history, they learned to protect national interest, to build their nations.Our national interest is not about conquering nations, it is about uplifting the lives of our citizens. ”

During an interactive session with the opinion leaders, President Kagame provided advice and guidance on various issues concerning the progress of the Western Province, including investment and harnessing opportunities to create business and wealth creation avenues.