Nyamagabe, 26 February 2019

President Kagame today visited Nyamagabe District, Southern Province where he interacted with tens of thousands of residents from across the Southern Province.

Addressing Nyamagabe and neighbouring districts residents convened at Nyagisenyi Stadium, President Kagame thanked them for entrusting him with their votes in the last presidential elections and observed that building on that trust means working towards transformation and security as the foundation of what Rwanda needs to keep moving forward.

“The key is hard work and doing it together. We cannot reach our goals without working for them. We cannot stop at wishful thinking. Work is the only thing that will get us there. The poverty that affects so many, cannot be resolved unless we work and use the little resources we have well. The most important resource we have is each other and working together. That is where it starts,” President Kagame said.

Prior to meeting with residents, President Kagame last night interacted with opinion leaders from across the Province in Huye District. The Head of State called on leaders to start by addressing the issue of mindset.

“Leaders who are here, as long as you have not addressed the issue of mindset, we will always be taking one step forward and two steps back. That is why you receive a budget and yet we cannot see any result. Addressing poverty is not a favour you are doing for our citizens. When the well being of our citizens is affected then we are all affected. People who misuse public resources think they will be better off, but you cannot be better off if our citizens are not,” President Kagame said.

Nyamagabe District has a population of over 360,000 residents and is made up of 536 villages, 92 cells and 17 sectors. Major food crops grown in the area include dry beans, Irish potatoes, Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Cassava, peas, and banana. Nyamagabe residents also grow coffee and tea as cash crops. Nyamagabe is home to two tea factories, ten coffee washing stations, and one community processing centre (Agakiriro).