Ngororero, 15 February 2012

President Kagame today visited Ngororero District where he met and addressed thousands of residents gathered at Muramba. During the visit, President Kagame also gave out cows to some of the district’s needy residents as part of the One Cow per Poor Family Program.

Speaking to the more than 25,000 residents, President Kagame asked Ngororero residents to use their land properly to improve agriculture and continue to fight soil erosion in order to solve their challenges.

President Kagame said:

“The cows distributed today through Girinka program is an example of homegrown solutions; let us find even more answers to our problems. Nothing should discourage or shake us; Rwanda has laid a firm enough foundation to continue to build upon. Before, we were known for genocide and violence but now we are recognized worldwide for good work and initiating homegrown solutions. Rwanda’s ‘secret’ is our culture of finding solutions within ourselves. We need to continue doing this and share with our African brothers.”

President Kagame noted what Rwandans have already achieved is evidence that achieving even more is possible and that the future is bright.

“I promised to come back the last time I was here but now I promise to come not once more, but many more times to visit and I hope that every time we meet there will be more progress to celebrate.”

The Mayor of Ngororero district, Gideon Ruboneza said that by heeding President Kagame’s advice, residents of Ngororero were able to achieve so much is a short time, although challenges still remained. The Mayor promised that working hand in hand with the residents, the district would achieve what is contained in their performance contract by 100% this year.

The Governor of Southern Province, Celestin Kabahizi pointed out that residents of Ngororero had listened to what President Kagame told them about embracing development and are now realizing the benefits.

At the conclusion of his visit, President Kagame interacted with residents of Ngororero, who put before him questions and suggestions. President Kagame directed leaders to find quick solutions to some outstanding issues that were raised by the people.

Ngororero District is situated in the Western Province and has a population of 324,538 who are mostly involved in Agriculture. The main crops grown in the district include Tea, Coffee, Banana plantations, Maize, grains, Beans, Cassava, sweet potatoes and sugar cane.