17 July, 2014

President Kagame today visited Muhanga District, where he was received by thousands of Muhanga residents in Kiyumba cell.

Welcoming President Kagame, the Mayor of Muhanga District, Yvonne Mutakwasuku said the district had come from a region blighted by insecurity, poverty and underdevelopment to one with security, rapid development and people who are enthusiastic about working to change their lives.

In his address, President Kagame said the development will come to Muhanga and spread to the entire nation when all Rwandans work together, with everyone making their contribution in different ways.

“We achieve because we chose to work together. We each have a role to play so that together we achieve more every day.We cannot maintain our development without security. Those who don’t want you to develop start by trying to distabilise your security. We must learn from our past. Progress and security cannot be temporary and we must therefore work to maintain it.”

President Kagame asked leaders to always work towards finding solutions to problems facing their people:

“Considering what we have achieved, it is clear that we can achieve much more if we stay focused and work harder because we have the capacities that we sometimes under utilise. Sometimes we miss our objectives because some people fail to think critically, creatively and work with urgency. For instance, we have minerals that are not exploited, yet the minerals should provide solutions to our problems, instead of posing as problems.”

In the interactive session President Kagame heard wishes, requests and suggestions from residents, who promised to never let anyone cause insecurity in the District because they want to maintain the trend of development.

President Kagame commenced his visit by touring a mini exhibition showcasing major products of Muhanga District, including potatoes, maize, improved breed of banana, handicrafts, local businesses produce, precious stones etc.