Kigali, 11 November 2014

As part of the presidential citizen outreach, President Kagame today visited Gasabo District, and was received by thousands of residents in Jabana sector, at Bweramvura cell grounds.

Addressing the populace, President Kagame underscored the importance of security for national development and asked each of them to never take the security the country is experiencing for granted:

“We had our share of insecurity and we will not allow that history to repeat itself. The foundation of our progress is security. Without security, our progress will not be sustainable.Maintaining security is only made possible by each of your contribution.”

President Kagame emphasized to the residents that like anyone else in the world, they too deserve a high living standard and that this is achieved when citizens work with their leaders:

“When you see me traveling around the world, it is not for leisure. It is to build partnerships that will allow us to solve our challenges. Every moment is spent trying to find solutions to the challenges we still face. Education, health, access to electricity and water; that is what we are fighting for every day.”

President Kagame pointed out that the role of leaders is to serve all Rwandans equally and that it is every Rwandan’s right to demand accountability from the leaders.

Among the key achievements of Jabana Sector is access to electricity which reached the area three years ago.