Ulsan, Seoul, 1 December 2011

As part of his 3 day visit to South Korea, President Kagame today visited the Hyundai Heavy Industries and Automobile Plant based in Ulsan, Seoul, where he was shown around the different facilities, including shipbuilding, offshore and engineering, construction Equipment and Green Energy among others. President Kagame also toured the Hyundai automobile manufacturing facility, the world’s fourth largest producing 1.6 million units annually.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Korea, Eugene Kayihura, pointed out that Rwanda has a lot to learn from the multilateral company;


“The President’s visit to Hyundai serves on one hand as a learning experience and on the other hand to discuss investment in the great lakes region, with Rwanda as its hub. With a leading global company such as Hyundai in the region, this means job creation, innovation, export and skills transfer. Another area we are discussing is the possibility of organizing internships at Hyundai for Rwanda vocational students as part of our knowledge sharing programs”

Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Seoul Korea, the company is globally known for its Hyundai Motor Company division and shipbuilding. Current President of Korea, Lee Myung-bak was a former CEO of the Hyundai Engineering and Construction.

This Friday, President Kagame is schedule to visit two more sites in Seoul; Samsung and Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA).