Gicumbi, 27 August 2012

President Kagame today visited Gicumbi District, Northern Province, where he was received by thousands of residents in Mukarange sector. On arrival, President Kagame visited Gervais Uzabakiriho, a successful farmer who rose from rags to riches, starting from one cow donated to him by Heifer project, to 10 cows which have enabled him to transform his family to become one of the richest in the District.

President Kagame told the Gicumbi residents that they should be at the forefront in guarding what has been achieved over the years because, more than anyone else, they relate so much to the liberation struggle:


“We have seen so much transformation in this region over the years and many projects are ongoing while others are in the pipeline. When you build something, your desire is to see it last for generations. People of this area are so much part of the history of our liberation and story of transformation. If anybody should stand up and jealously guard what has been achieved, it should be you at the front.”

Citing the example of Gervais Uzabakiriho who he had visited earlier on, President Kagame said this is an example that it is possible for anyone to liberate themselves from poverty. President Kagame also encouraged Gicumbi resident to trade with their Ugandan neighbours but avoid dealing in Kanyanga, which he said impedes focus and hence, meaningful trade.

“Our objective is not just to reduce poverty; we want to eradicate it completely. We don’t want to see the 49% people living in poverty, we want to see zero, and this can only happen if we resolve to work hard and together. The Government has laid infrastructure and this will continue. It is upon everyone to take advantage of this and create wealth. I am here to ask you to continue the struggle because there are still so many hurdles ahead.”

The Governor of the Northern Province, Bosenibamwe Aimé said the people of Gicumbi had so much faith in their Government and have vowed to support and work with it to achieve national objectives. He urged them to support the Agaciro Development Fund so that they can own their development.