Kigali, 9 September 2014

President Kagame today visited Gasabo District, where he addressed and interacted with thousands of residents in Gikomero Sector, who gathered to meet him from different sectors of the District.

In his address, President Kagame said what has been achieved in the District shows they voted for their leaders wisely.

“What happened in the past is behind us, we should look forward and work to ensure that the generations to come live a better life than us. We are on the right track, but the journey is still long, and we can only achieve what we want if we work together in unity.”

President Kagame urged the residents of Gasabo to form and join cooperatives so that progress can be achieved quickly.

“Our country is small and we cannot afford disunity, we have to put our resources together for our common good and self reliance. We cannot be people who expect to depend on others without an end. Assistance has no guarantee; the one offering assistance can decide to stop without warning.”


President Kagame pointed out that if Rwandans want to achieve self reliance, they should work hard so that they can stop needing assistance soon.

“This is the reason we go out every month to perform Umuganda. We aim to achieve our goals by using our own efforts. We should not allow any distractions aimed at stalling us, we should focus on working to improve our lives and not pay attention to what does not benefit us.”

President Kagame also availed time to interact with residents of Gasabo District, who had an opportunity to ask questions, present outstanding issues, give recommendations for development and thank the President and the Government for delivering services that have helped them ameliorate their lives.

The Mayor of Gasabo District, Willy Ndizeye said Gikomero was one of the poorest sectors in Gasabo District, but thanks to Government programs like VUP, this is no longer the case, and the sector now has electricity, water and a good transport network due to a good road, and residents have are involved in income generating activities.