Kigali, 12 August 2015

President Kagame today visited businessmen operating in various cooperatives in Gisozi, commonly known as Agacinjiro in Gasabo District. After touring buildings owned by three main cooperatives in the area, President Kagame pointed out that the achievements made through by cooperatives showed that by working together, people can achieve much more.

“Let us move even faster, together and work to ensure no one is left behind. The question is what is stopping us from going faster. The most expensive loss for us all is the time that we waste. The work cooperatives have accomplished here and across the country is proof of what we are capable of achieving. Rwanda will move forward not through hard work of the few but of each of you. When everyone has a stake and moves together, no one is left behind.”


President Kagame asked the members of the various cooperatives to embrace a work culture defined by ethics, accountability and respect for the rule of law.

Gisozi commercial center is home to the biggest furniture market in Kigali and comprises of four big cooperatives that bring together 1000 members, majority of whom were those relocated from high risk areas like Muhima, while others wereformerstreet hawkers.