Kigali, 10 May 2011

President Paul Kagame has said that Rwandans, particularly leaders, should increase momentum as the country progresses towards achieving Vision 2020 and even beyond. Speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of newly-appointed ministers, after the May 6 government reshuffle, President Kagame noted that Rwandans do not have the luxury of taking things for granted because Rwanda’s situation is different.

Said the President: “We should realise that we need to use double the effort others elsewhere use if we are to achieve our goals. If our responsibilities are well executed, Rwandans will happily benefit. But if there are weaknesses in execution of responsibilities, Rwandans will be adversely affected. It is my hope that those sworn in today and those they are joining will be able to always find solutions to problems facing our people.”

President Kagame reminded the new ministers that their responsibilities are unique because they are required to sacrifice and work extra hard in order to deal with unique challenges facing the country: “As we continue to make headway in developing our country, we should increase our energy levels in order to cover even more ground. Normally, as time advances people age and tend to lose charisma. We need to be different and grow even stronger.”