Kigali, 10 November 2009

President Kagame has urged Rwandan footballers to make it their objective to win the World Cup, the world’s most prestigious sports trophy someday. This was during the ceremony to show the trophy to Rwandans, part of the ongoing ‘World Cup Tour’ aimed at allowing soccer fans around the globe to view the coveted trophy at close range ahead of the 2010 tournament in South Africa.
Upon receiving, lifting and displaying the prestigious World Cup trophy to Rwandans who attended the function at Amahoro National Stadium, the President commented “have you seen the trophy? Yes, you have to work hard so that one day Rwanda should be the one to win it.” He was obviously addressing upcoming Rwandan footballers.

He joked that although the trophy had landed in the hands of Rwandans, it would be very safe in Kigali  because there was no need to cling on it since Rwandans would be able to conventionally work hard, compete for it and win it one day, causing thunderous laughter all around the stadium. “It may not happen during my term of office, but my hope is that it will happen during my lifetime,” the President said.

President Kagame, on behalf of all Rwandans, thanked FIFA, CoCa Cola and organisers of the World Cup Tour for having brought the trophy to Rwanda. He said the trophy is synonymous with football; which is in turn a symbol of peace, unity and prosperity because of the unique way it brings people together.