Addis Ababa, 18 November 2018

President Kagame today chaired day two of the 11th Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union. The Summit’s agenda is to advance the institutional reform of the Union. Both President Kagame and Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki later held a joint press conference with members of the press.

On whether he is satisfied with achievements made so far, President Kagame said: I accepted this knowing the challenges ahead. We have done what is doable. Progress was made in an environment where leaders and citizens have been supportive because they have always wanted change.

The President later tweeted:

I pay tribute to Africa’s leaders who unanimously decided at the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union on fundamental changes that will transform the capabilities of our institution for decades to come. Together, we are making Africa stronger and better and building the Africa we want and our people deserve.

In addition, President Kagame and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Co-chaired a High Level breakfast Meeting on Digital Identity for the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063. Organised by the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union, the event discussed the digital economy and it’s impact on the continent.

“Our continent must take full advantage of the digital revolution to empower our citizens and enhance transparency in government and the private sector.This cannot happen without full ownership of personal data. Data has to be stored in safe and trusted systems that protect privacy and are difficult for criminals to breach. In the context of the African Continental Free Trade Area and our wider integration agenda, it is critically important for African identity systems to be inter-operable. That requires technology, both software and the physical chips that process data. I am confident that we can produce and maintain these systems using African know-how and companies.” President Kagame said.

Rwanda’s digital journey began 10 years ago with implementation of an Electronic National ID. The National ID has progressively grown into an integrated platform which links the ID, passport, sim registration and efficient civil registration. This integrated platform is currently enabling delivery of Govt services, electronic financial transactions including mobile financial services and social protection services.

To view and download photos of the High Level Meeting on Digital Identity: