Rusizi, 29 July 2010

With the testimony of her astonishing rise to prosperity, Nyiranizeyimana Marianne showed the crowd that Rusizis rank among the top 5 in the Imihigo program is a result of direct impact on each of its citizen. Nyiranizeyimana used to be one of the most vulnerable in her community with no ability to access basic necessity. After joining the women entrepreneurship program instituted by RPF party, she gained the confidence to sell her few belongings and begin a small business.

She joined a cooperative and saved enough to buy a fishing boat whose revenue she then used to buy a motor boat that transport passengers across Lake Kivu. As she stated, I used to beg for soap from my husbandtoday can you see how good I look? Marianna is now the owner of two businesses; she has built her own house and is sending her children to school. I can never thank you enough, Mr. President, for your good leadership that lifted me out of poverty.

Following her message, President Kagame pointed to Marianna as the example of what needs to be celebrated without forgetting the importance of the journey ahead. He began his message by sharing his and RPFs hope that all of us work together to insure that peace, development and democracy will no longer be our goal but our reality. He told the crowd In order to continue on this path to development, you must make the right choice on August 9th. Reiterating the campaign slogan, Imvugo niyo ngiro, President Kagame urged the crowd to remember that we can talk a lot about progress but actions speak louder than words. As Marianna and numerous other testimonies showed, the progress resulting from RPF policy is far from just words.

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