President Kagame on Saturday participated in the UNGA Partnering for Food Security event co-hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in New York. Also speaking at the event was Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh.
President Kagame noted that the positive stories from several African countries illustrate the progress that is happening on the continent and pointed out that “the 2009 G8 Summit that reflected on food security and pledged substantive amount of financial resources came at a time when our continent is in a much better position to take advantage of these opportunities”.

President Kagame spoke on Rwanda’s experience on the journey to food security, saying that the country’s efforts combined with lessons learned from elsewhere were having a real impact.

Secretary Clinton described Rwanda as “a stand-out example in country-led planning” referring to Rwanda’s strategy through the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program, completed using the government’s own resources and the results achieved in a relatively short period of time.