Washington DC, 27 March 2017

President Kagame today spoke at the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan think tank established in 1961 that provides a forum and platform for Heads of State, military leaders, and other international leaders from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss how to navigate the economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century.


In his address, President Kagame said Africans should stop having huge expectations from successive US administrations and instead change to the mindset of what the US and Africa can do together for mutual benefit.


“African aspirations are rising, even as some countries and regions advance faster than others. Africa is looking to future growth shaped by favorable demographics, technological innovations and increasing urbanization. For decades, the United States has adopted a monolithic approach to dealing with Africa. It’s time for fresh-thinking on how to approach Africa, and the assumptions that underlie this thinking, no matter the administration. We in Africa need to shift from expectation of largesse from every incoming administration, to a mind-set of what Africa and the United States can do together, that is of mutual benefit. It’s really an opportunity to shape appropriate relationships with the United States, and other global partners, based on Africa’s priorities and ambitions.”

The think tank encourages constructive leadership, engagement and discussions in the field of international affairs based on the Atlantic Community’s central role in meeting global challenges.


The round table meeting was also attended by Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer OCP Group, Christopher Spangler, Rwanda Desk Officer, US Department of State, Amb. Jendayi Frazer, Former Assistant Secretary for African Affairs; Adjunct Senior Fellow for Africa Studies Council on Foreign Relations and Gen. Carter Ham, Former Commander, US Africa Command.