Kigali, 20 April 2019

President Kagame today attended the opening of Ram Katha 2019 event taking place in Rwanda at the Kigali Convention Centre, led by Morari Bapu. The spiritual event brings together followers from all over the world, and will last for 9 days.

In his remarks, President Kagame welcomed Morari Bapu and his followers to Rwanda and observed that Rwandans relate with the teachings of Bapu.

“We truly appreciate this gesture of solidarity, which reflects the principles of truth, love, and compassion that are central to Bapu’s teaching. In Rwanda, we relate very closely to these three human values. Over the last two-and-a-half decades, Rwandans have engaged in a constant process of conversation and collective action, to overcome the exact opposite, namely falsehood and hatred. The efforts and sacrifices made by Rwandans, and friends of Rwanda, throughout this complex journey, have given us a country to be proud of today. The example of Ram Katha is one of tolerance and inclusion. I have learned of the concrete lessons that are often given, about the importance of breaking down taboos and barriers among people, both within societies and around the world.This is why we are pleased to host Ram Katha in Kigali and to have you in our midst.”

President Kagame invited everyone to get to know Rwanda and its people as well as find a reason to keep coming back, where you they would be always welcome.