President Kagame on Friday at Urugwiro Village received a delegation of the Young Presidents Organisation. The YPO members from Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the United States are in Rwanda to follow up projects set up during earlier visits. The delegation briefed President Kagame on progress of ongoing partnership with Rwandan institutions on identified projects in agriculture and entrepreneurship development

This partnership marks the first time that the YPO has embarked on joint identification and implementation of projects with government. Speaking on behalf of YPO’s Rwanda Action Forum, Dennis Overton said that the organization was “committed for the long term in Rwanda and focused on engagement and action”.

President Kagame, the recipient of YPO’s Global Leadership Award in 2003, welcomed the delegation to Rwanda and said that he was pleased that partnership with YPO was becoming productive through the projects identified, noting that they were of great value to the country and pledged to support the initiatives.