Kigali, 13 October 2012

President Kagame today received and held discussions with visiting Rhineland Palatinate delegation led by Roger Lewentz, Minister in charge of interior, sports and infrastructure. The delegation also included the Rhineland Health Minister, Malu Dreyer, MPs, political party representatives, youth leaders and experts from various fields who were in the country to visit projects as well as discuss ways of cementing the mutual relationship between the two governments.

The visit is part of activities geared towards marking 30 years of partnership between Rwanda and Rhineland-Palatinate. The activities organized under the themes of “Youth and Culture” kicked off in March 2012 and are scheduled to end in November 2012.


During the interactive discussions that took place at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame told the delegation:

“Young people from poor or rich nations differ in opportunities but all have the same aspirations. No one wants to be a second class citizen in this global community. Africa has many challenges but there is no reason why it should remain like this…Rwanda and Africa cannot forever remain recipient of generosity. Rwandans must be able to raise themselves to a level where they can provide for themselves. We want partnerships of mutual respect and benefit…We can all make a difference if we adjust our attitude.”

After the meeting, Minister Roger Lewentz said his entire delegation was quite happy with the discussions with President Kagame because they covered all aspects, including areas of cooperation, regional and international issues:

“Rwanda is progressing very impressively and we want to be part of this progress by partnering with this country in areas of education, vocational training and others. Our approach is based on the understanding that this is a united world and therefore calls for a two-way partnership. As we celebrate 30 years of our partnership, we focus on the youth of our two countries because they hold the future.”

The Minister of Local Government, Musoni James also said the discussions between President Kagame and the delegation dwelt on a partnership built on mutual respect. He said that the President also enlightened Minister Lewentz and his delegation on the issue of Congo and made them understand the situation as it is in reality.

During discussions with different Rwanda government officials issues streamlined for partnership included solar energy for domestic lighting especially in imidugudu and street lighting, urbanization, construction of health centers among others.