Kigali, 13 May, 2011

President Kagame today received a 10 member delegation of students and instructors from the US National War College who arrived in the country on May 12 for a week long study tour.

Speaking to the Press after meeting the President, Lt. Col. Michael Lawrence said:

“The course of our study includes the US foreign policy and in doing so, it is necessary for us to come to Rwanda which was the focus of our study and use what we learn to come up with the right answers when we go back to the United States. From our discussions with the President, we have learnt that Rwandans are very resilient people with a rich culture and tradition that guide their progress and they are very efficient in using the resources they have to move forward”.


The Chief of Defense Forces, Lt. General Kayonga said that curiosity to know what helped Rwanda come from the ruins and achieve so much in a short time made the US War College students come to Rwanda to do research and find answers.

“President Kagame took them through the liberation struggle and recovery efforts that came after. The President also told them about the influence of factors like the army, diplomacy, information technology and culture in national development. They were very eager to know the role of President Kagame in Rwanda’s recovery and he granted them enough time to ask whatever they wanted”.