Kigali, 19 February 2016

President Kagame today received a delegation of Swedish MPs composed of the Swedish Parliamentary Finance Committee who are on a four-day visit to Rwanda. The delegation arrived in Rwanda on February 17 from Ethiopia, led by Ulf Hjalmar Kristersson, the Vice Chairman of the committee.

Speaking to press at the end of the meeting with President Kagame, Ulf Hjalmar said the meeting with President Kagame was inspiring as they were able to learn more about the region and the continent.


“We had a good discussion with the President on a broad range of issues on global economic affairs, international affairs, ICT and what he told us was inspiring. We discussed everything you can cover in an hour and we are pleased we got so much time for this discussion.”

The Speaker of the Rwanda National Assembly, Donatille Mukabalisa said the Swedish lawmakers have commended the Rwanda Parliament’s role of promoting accountability in the utilization of public resources. They also wanted to know how Rwanda managed to achieve rapid development after going through genocide more than 20 years ago.