Kigali, 9 December 2011

President Kagame today received Dr. Jacques Diouf, who came to bid him farewell as his term in office as FAO Director General comes to an end. Dr. Diouf was elected on 8 November 1993 and began his first six-year term in January 1994. After completing a second term, he was re-elected to a third six-year term, which began in January 2006. Dr. Diouf also presented a medal to President Kagame for achievements realized by Rwanda in terms of food security.

Speaking to the press after meeting President Kagame, Dr. Diouf said:

“I came to thank the President for the support he has given to me during my tenure…he even flew all the way to Rome to participate and address the entire membership of my organization and even supported the creation of two prizes in my name; one by the African Union and another one by members of FAO. But this was also an opportunity to review the world food security situation. I congratulate President Kagame for progress made in food production in this country due to the heavy investments made. Rwanda was among the first countries to have a funding of 50 million after presenting its programme and this is indication of the quality of the Rwanda’s agricultural programmes.”


The Minister of agriculture, Dr. Agmes Kalibata said:

“During Dr. Diouf’s tenure Rwanda has enjoyed good cooperation with FAO and this resulted in the progress that Rwanda has realized in terms of food security. FAO provided a lot of assistance as Rwanda worked towards improving food security, especially in satisfying our programmes so that they meet international standards to enable us secure the needed funding.”