Kigali, 3 March 2012

President Kagame today received a 17-man Nigerian Economic Summit Group delegation, who called on him at his office in Urugwiro Village.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the Chairman of Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Phillip Foluso said:

“We are here to try and see what it we can take back home in terms of encouraging the people that we know, to invest internationally. Although Nigeria itself is looking for foreign investments for its economy, Nigerians also need to diversify their investment portfolios well into the continent. We are going to encourage West Africans to invest in the continent. We are a small team of potential investor but we are able to motivate very many others to invest in Rwanda. So far, we have on my team someone very interested in the aviation business since aviation is going to be a fundamental part of Rwanda’s development.”



Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Joseph Habineza said:

“The talks with the President dwelt on the significance of investments by Africans in their continent and how it should be enhanced. The President pledged to facilitate the pan-African investment which is already on course between Rwanda and Nigeria. It is important for us to continue with the pan-African attitude and trade with each other.”