Kigali, 16 October, 2010

President Paul Kagame was presented the ‘Unity Award’ by the Unity Club, an organization that brings together leaders’ spouses and former cabinet ministers. The President received the award during the ‘Intsinzi’ party on Saturday, 16th October, 2010 organized by the Unity Club to celebrate his resounding victory during the August Presidential elections. The award was in recognition of President Kagame’s promotion of unity among Rwandans through his visionary leadership.

A citation read by Mrs. Jolly Mazimpaka described President Kagame as a resolute freedom fighter whose life has been dedicated to the pursuit of liberty and justice and that he has made a mark on Rwanda’s history. “You remain an inspiration to many young Rwandans and other people around the world. You committed to foster unity where there was discord, justice where there was impunity and family values where little value was accorded to life itself,” the citation read.

In different testimonies given by various leaders, the president was lauded for his visionary leadership. A presidential contender during the August Presidential elections, Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, described President Kagame as a patriotic and judicious leader who is intolerant to corruption and other evils that are capable of stagnating development.

In his speech, President Kagame talked about his life, his vision for Rwanda and why he will not seek an extension of his mandate….

Read President Kagame’s full speech during the Unity Club ‘Itsinzi Party.’