Kigali, 29 February 2016

President Kagame today received a delegation from Next Gen Foundation, led by Ambassador Pierre -Richard Prospere. Gen Next is an invitation-only Membership organization that engages successful individuals who care about the opportunities that await future generations.

Speaking after the meeting, Next Gen CEO, Michael Davidson said the organization has developed particular interest in Rwanda because the country, its leaders and people have achieved extraordinary accomplishments in a short period of time.


“Gen Next is interested in working with Rwandan leaders and the people of Rwanda to be able to make even bigger strides in different areas. We have moved around and met different leaders and we are impressed by what we have seen. When we go back, we are going to tell others what we have seen and interest them to come and work with Rwandans and improve their lives and the country’s economy generally.”

The Minister of education said the education sector was among the areas that the delegation looked at keenly and are interested in investing.

Gen Next educates its Members by connecting them with thought leaders and experts in education, economic opportunity, and global security, engages them in projects that identify solutions to the most pressing societal issues, and activates their support for leaders and policies.

In recent years, Gen Next Delegations have travelled to China, Brazil, France, Persian Gulf, Russia, and Europe