Kigali, 23 October 2015

President Kagame today received Ambassador Ahmad Allam- Mi, Secretary General of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) who called on him to discuss various issues concerning the region.

The Secretary General said his visit to Rwanda was to officially request the Rwandan leadership to re-join the block so that members can have the opportunity to learn from Rwanda’s experience especially in conflict resolution.


“ECCAS is looking for Rwanda’s unique leadership especially in good governance, conflict resolution and integration. Rwanda is a model nation in Africa. African States are encountering difficulties in solving conflicts yet Rwanda has been able to find solutions.”

The Secretary General also said he presented the block’s invitation to President Kagame to attend a scheduled extraordinary Security Summit for the Central African Republic (CAR) by ECCAS Heads of State in Chad, before the end of this year because the block believes that his presence would add a lot of value to the outcomes of the Summit.

President Kagame also received the Ambassador Dho Young –Shim, Chairperson of the UN World Tourism organization – Sustainable Tourism-Eliminating Poverty, and champion of ‘Thank You Small’ Library initiative in Rwanda, alongside the Chairman of Booyoung Company, Dr. Lee Joong Keun. Booyoung Company donated 20,000 non-reflective metallic chalkboards and 2,000 digital pianos for primary schools across the country