Kigali, 14 April 2011

President Kagame today received a group of 34 Danish students from the University of Copenhagen Psychology faculty. During the interaction, the students asked the president many questions seeking answers on Rwanda’s quick recovery from genocide, the reconciliation process among other issues.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Nina Thorup Dalgard, representing fellow students said:

“From a psychological point of view, what has been achieved in this country in terms of reconciliation process is amazing and important to study as a psychology. The President made some very interesting points; he told us that his major ambition as President is to make people realize that looking into ethnic differences is not constructive in anyway and that people should look at each other in terms of contribution to national development. During our stay here we did not meet a single person who is not personally dedicated to making his or her country better. This is something that I have not seen in other countries”.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Charles Muligande who escorted the students at the meeting said:

“The students asked the President many questions but most importantly, they wanted to know how Rwandans managed to achieve so much in such a short time, which they said seems to elude other countries in the continent. In response, the President said that the difference is the fact that Rwandans are able to turn their words into action. I am sure these students have understood Rwanda better and will be able to be our Ambassadors”.