Kigali, 5 December 2018

President Kagame Today received letters of credence from newly accredited Ambassadors of India, Austria, Angola, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Slovakia, Argentina and Philippines.

The new envoys include Oscar Kerketta, Ambassador of India with residence in Kigali, Christian Fellner, the Ambassador of Austria with residence in Nairobi, Eduardo Filomeno Leiro Octávio, the Ambassador of Angola with residence in Kigali, Ratlan Pardede, the Ambassador of Indonesia with residence in Dar es Salaam. Others include Alison Helena Chartres, the Australian Ambassador with residence in Nairobi, Fernando Estellita Lins de Salvo Coimbra, the Ambassador of Brazil with residence in Nairobi, František Dlhopolček, the Ambassador of Slovakia, with residence in Nairobi, Martín Gómez Bustillo, the Ambassador of Argentina with residence in Nairobi and Uriel Garibay, the Ambassador of Philippines with residence in Nairobi.

The Envoys expressed their enthusiasm to represent their respective countries in Rwanda and pledged to work tirelessly towards the betterment of the relationship between their countries and Rwanda.