Kigali, 13 April 2017

President Kagame today received credentials of two new Ambassadors accredited to Rwanda by their respective countries to Rwanda. The Ambassadors are Ravi Shankar, the new Indian Ambassador to Rwanda with residence in Kampala and Rao Hongwei, the new Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda with residence in Kigali.

The Chinese Ambassador said he intended to take the relationship between Rwanda and China to a new level, in line with what was agreed between President Kagame and President Xi Jiping of China last month in Beijing.


Ravi Shankar, the new High Commissioner of the Republic of India said he is on a mission to ensure that bilateral relationship between Rwanda and India gets even better, through exchanges cooperation in different sectors of the Rwanda economy.

Rwanda and India established diplomatic relations in 1999. India is represented in Rwanda by a non-resident High Commissioner with residence in Kampala. To further strengthen bilateral relations, it is anticipated that a resident mission will be opened in Kigali, in 2017.

Rwanda and China have had diplomatic relations for close to 46years. Following the visit to China and bilateral meeting held between the President of the Republic of Rwanda and the People’s Republic of China, steps are being taken in aim to foster Political, Industrialization, Agricultural modernization, Tourism, Mining, Peace and Security and Infrastructure cooperation and report quarterly.