Kigali, 23 April 2011

President Kagame today received theSenior Advisor for Darfur in the Office of the U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, Ambassador Dane Smith.

Speaking to the Press after the meeting, Ambassador Smith said the discussions with the President touched on different issues including the next steps in the process of resolving the issues affecting Sudan:

“We talked about the importance of finishing the negotiations in Doha, the armed movements and government getting a good agreement there, which can become a basis for future processes of consultation on the ground in Darfur in order to bring the conflict to an ultimate end”

Ambassador Smith commended Rwanda’s contribution in Darfur, saying Rwandan forces are doing a lot to bring peace to the Sudanese people. The objective of his visit is mostly to get acquainted with Rwanda as a country that leads the Darfur peacekeeping mission.