Kigali, 5 May 2017

President Kagame today received members of the African Union Peace and Security Council, who are in Kigali for their 10th retreat. Under the Chairmanship of Uganda, the 15 member Council is meeting to discuss and find solutions for all matters of peace and security affecting the continent in countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Mali, Burundi and DR Congo, among others.

The current Chairman of the AU PSC, Mull Sebujja Katende said the meeting with President Kagame was both inspiring and energizing, in relation to the council’s mandate.


“President Kagame is the African Union champion on institutional reforms of the African Union. He has an assignment which he has been doing very well and which the entire African Union welcomes. We have had the opportunity to interact with him not only regarding our work as the Peace and Security Council but also regarding institutional reforms of the African Union. He gave us the chance to ask him questions, give comments and make contributions. He told us that three things are the problem of Africa and he mentioned attitude, implementation and keeping the conversation going. We were inspired and happy that we had this interaction with the President.”

The African Union Peace and Security Council ends their week long tenth retreat in Kigali tomorrow.