Kigali, 19 October 2018

President Kagame today presided over the opening of the 2018/19 Judicial Year during a ceremony that took place at Parliament buildings. The ceremony was attended by over 600 participants including judges, prosecutors, registrars, and courts administration personnel.

In his speech, President Kagame expressed his appreciation to the judiciary for the valuable contribution to the country’s progress.

“Our citizens have high ambitions and goals they are determined to achieve, and they need all of our institutions to fulfill their responsibilities. We want a nation open to the world, where every citizen feels safe and is able to feed their families and where accountability is key. The prosperity we all want must be founded on respecting the law. Our judiciary has an important role to play in ensuring every institutions fulfills their role and when necessary to remind them of their responsibilities.”

President Kagame called on women leaders to play their part in finding solutions faced by women, pointing out crimes committed against them.

“A higher number of women in decision making roles has to lead to a decrease in gender discrimination and gender based crimes. This is not an exemption for men not to be involved. But you must play an important role in upholding the rights of women.”

On corruption, President Kagame stated that those involved in corruption must be held accountable because when corruption is allowed to thrive, however small, it ruins everything else.

Later in the day, President Kagame officiated at the swearing-in of newly appointed members of Cabinet and heads of the Rwanda National Police.

In his address, President Kagame stated that transforming Rwanda and the lives of Rwandans is work that must be carried out consistently, with leaders mindful of the fact that they are working to better the lives of citizens and not their own.

President Kagame also took the opportunity to congratulate Louise Mushikiwabo on behalf of the Government and the people of Rwanda, upon her election to lead Francophonie, and for her service to the people of Rwanda.