New York, 19 September, 2010

President Kagame on Sunday 19 September together with co-chair Carlos Slim presented the Declaration of Broadband Inclusion for All and Final Report of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in New York. President Kagame urged the UN to own the work and integrate the recommendations into the mainstream development activities of all nations. “The vision of universal broadband is timely and forward looking; “Nations that will not seize the opportunity presented by transformational technologies such as broadband will fail to compete in an integrated, service-oriented global economy- and remain trapped in poverty, illiteracy, disease and hunger that result in immense human suffering and loss of dignity,” President Kagame said after presenting the report.

Praising the work of the commission, President Kagame challenged stakeholders to take forward the ideas that have emerged, observing that if effectively implemented, the recommendations would undoubtedly shape the future of so many lives in so many nations, redefining how people will learn; how health systems will work; and how commerce and trade will operate in an interconnected world.

Upon receiving the report, the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon expressed his appreciation for President Kagame’s leadership in the work of the commission. “President Kagame has been an extraordinary and stellar leader not only in this broadband commission but in peace and security of the world and development. He is one of the greatest leaders in making this MDG process move forward,” the UNSG said.